About ShoeVival

ShoeVival is the retail franchise arm of The Shoe Laundry. The Shoe Laundry is India's first professional footwear laundry and refurbishing service for all types of footwear. The Shoe Laundry was estd. in 2003 by Sandeep Gajakas in Mumbai and it has been growing ever since. With the growing demand for The Shoe Laundry from other parts of the country and growing economy countries, ShoeVival was established in year 2010. Since the time of its inception, ShoeVival has been opening atleast one franchise every quarter in different parts of India and abroad. Being an extension of The Shoe Laundry, ShoeVival has superior service, quality, committment and customer delight in its DNA. Every franchise unit of ShoeVival has well trained staff (trained by the founder of The Shoe Laundry - Sandeep Gajakas) and to ensure that the quality and service levels are met, each franchise unit is closely monitored by The Shoe Laundry (along with the Franchise unit owners).

Our Values

ShoeVival teams are trained and are dedicated to provide an excellent level of service to ShoeVival customers. Quality of repairs, value for money and excellent customer service are the core values of the organisation. As our staff repairs and services your footwear, they evaluate if they would like to wear the footwear in that condition? Our staff thinks like a customer while performing each job.

Think Like A Customer
When The Shoe Laundry was formed, Sandeep Gajakas had put alot of thought in how to service the customers and ensure a delightful customer experience always. As a result, the first value of The Shoe Laundry and ShoeVival was focused on delivering excellent customer service
At ShoeVival, we have a commitment to ensure you get a complaint free service, every time you send your footwear to ShoeVival, it goes through a detailed step by step process and thorough checks to esnure an error free completion of repairs and service
Quality Service
We know how important it is for the footwear to be comfortable. That is why, while servicing your footwear we perform all possible checks to ensure a quality repair job, so that when you wear them again, you get the same feeling as you had when you wore them for the first time.
Value For Money
In today's time buying a pair of footwear can be really expensive and we help you get the value of every penny invested in your expensive footwear, by helping you maintain the comfort and extend the life of your footwear
The Vision

"To make footwear hygeine and shoe care a part of every individual's lifestyle by making ShoeVival available to every customer at every corner of the country."

- Sandeep Gajakas, Founder

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