Shoe Care Tips & FAQ's


Here is a list of certain tips that you can keep in mind and manage the footwear hygiene

How to maintain footwear hygiene:

- When not in use - store the footwear in a shoe bag

- After a day long use - keep it in the open to dry

- Clean the dust off the stored shoes regularly

- Wipe the muddy shoes with a cloth or tissue paper

- If you drop something on the shoe- use a wet cloth to wipe, before the stain dries

- Do not use news paper or scratch shoe against wall to get rid of mud/ dirt

- Do not pile up shoes one over the other

- Do not use fevi-kwik, etc... for fixing shoes, it will harden the shoe material

- Do not put shoes in washing machine - the pressure may detatch the shoe sole

- Tooth brushes are for teeth not shoes

- Use cloth brushes, scotch brite, etc... for their respective purposes

- Soaking the shoe in detergent for long hours may help in removing stains - but it will also remove the pasting in the shoe

- Don't try to be adventurous - let us manage the repairs and cleaning


How long does it take for the cleaning service?

Shoe/ footwear cleaning service takes a maximum of 2 days for us to bring it back to you and see a smile on your face.

How long does it take for repairs?

Each repair case is different from the other, the correct timelines are communicated beforehand by the workshop to the customer after inspecting the shoe/ footwear.

How much does it cost to get the footwear serviced?

Please contact our respective franchise in your area, for the exact price quote.

Where can I contact for the shoes to be serviced?

Please contact our respective franchise in your area for further details.

What is the impact of shoe servicing on the shoe?

The same impact as of getting a car serviced regularly. It simply helps you keep it in the right shape and cherish it for longer.

Can I wash the shoes/ footwear on my own?

Ofcourse you can, but keep the local ShoeVival franchise number handy. You might just need it.

What all services does ShoeVival provide?

Please refer to the services section or click here for a detailed list of our services.