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ShoeVival has been in demand since The Shoe Laundry started with this retail franchise unit concept. With growing demand of footwear/ shoes hygiene, the market potential is in billions, but to tap this potential you need a strong drive for customer service, experienced guidance and proven processes. With 8 years strong operational experience of The Shoe Laundry (India's first shoe laundry service - and detailed standard operating procedures for each stage of repairing and servicing, we ensure you get all the required support to transform your business potential into a successful venture.
The innovation and ability of this business model is unchallangable. ShoeVival operates in a market space which has no/ nearly nil competition, therefore, it de-risks the investment made into the business to a great extent. The Shoe Laundry (parent company) is aware of changing market sentiment and growing customer and business demands and has invested heavily in developing the IP, copyrighting and registering of the operational procedures and business model. As we understand the heights each franchise can grow to and the demands of a growing business, The Shoe Laundry has also invested in the development of a CRM system, which will ensure a seamless integration of Franchise operation with the command centre of business and ensure effective communication and escalation management.
Selection Criteria
The shoe laundry gets multiple requests for franchise operations of ShoeVival and we are proud to quote that each Franchise parner is handpicked after a thorough research of the potential partners background and a complete check of required pre-requisites checklist. Therefore, giving you an environment to connect with like minded partners, who are passionate about this business model and believe in the growth of this unique opportunity. If you would like to know more about our selection criteria and approval process, you can visit the parent site at : or select the link below..

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