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It is believed that a shoe can tell alot about a person, while alot of people take it as a joke, we at ShoeVival take it very seriously. People do actually judge others about their hygiene levels, personality, attitude towards living a healthy life andprofessionalism.

Shoes are most often taken for granted but they are the most important and significant part of our daily wear. While they are important for the feet comfort, they can also be a vehicle for carrying germs (if not maintained properly). Sweat, dust, filth... footwear goes through alot of these unhygenic passages and if not cleaned regularly can be a perfect house for germs, leading to serious infections and other ailments.

Cleaning of footwear and maintaining them is not just as simple as putting them in a washing machine and using instant glues or using old tooth brushes to clean them (which most of us try to do), there is alot more that goes into maintaining a footwear. Each footwear has a different characterstic, style and material, which requires an eye for detail and indepth understanding of what kind of footwear needs to be managed through which method.
Cleaning/ Washing
Keeping the footwear clean is an important part of their regular maintainance. At ShoeVival, we have a detailed seven step proprietary approach for cleaning and washing the footwear. Each pair is handled with utmost care and a thorough check is performed to see if the footwear needs any minor repair. The footwear is dried in a room temprature atmosphere to prevent pasting, color and crack issues.

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Whether the shoe has minor (stitching, pasting, etc..) or major repair work (detached sole, torn fabric, torn shoe parts, etc...), we have the right skillset and expertise to ensure that the shoe is restored to its as good as new shape when it reaches you from ShoeVival. Through our methods and proven expertise we have successfully performed nearly impossible repairs and have made the footwear wearable again.
Color correction
Today's environment and climate can be harsh for your favorite/ expensive footwear. The day to day running around and daily wear and tear can also lead to scratches, stains, color fading, etc... Our staff are experienced in restoring those vibrant colors and designs on your footwear, our color correction treatment not only helps prevent scratches (or nearly eliminate them), it also helps in restoring the footwear to its most original set of colors. So no more cracks, discolored and detoriated footwear for you.
Maintenance services
Through our strong experience in this service, we have learnt the sentimental value a footwear can have for you and to ensure a long life for your favorite pair of shoes/ footwear, we provide end to end maintenance service. Today buying the footwear is easy, but expensive, and since Value for money is one of our core values, we believe you should get more from every penny you spend on buying and maintaining your favorite footwear. Through the maintenance service we overhaul the footwear giving it a fresh lease of life.
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